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We are a company that specializes in creating high end Skin Care Products for Slimming, Toning and Contouring your body. We give extra attention to detail in our selection of ingredients for our products and only use the finest ingredients that are approved worldwide.

  • Contouring Clay

    Contouring Clay

    For Inch Loss & Detox
  • Contouring Mineral

    Contouring Mineral

    For Inch Loss & Detox Wraps
  • Body Contouring Kits

    Body Contouring Kits

    Everything you need for Contouring Specific areas of your body
  • Retail Packages

    Retail Packages

    For Selling to your Clients


Our Top Quality contouring products are used and sold worldwide. What makes our products stand out from the rest is our detail to quality and natural ingredients that won't harm the skin.

Body Contouring helped me lose 5 inches in my legs and more noticeably, my legs look more toned and smooth. I will continue to use the Body Contouring Clay ongoing to keep my skin looking it's best! - Josie
Body Contouring Clay is a miracle clay! I used it prior to my wedding day to help reduce inches and tone my waist and it really worked! I felt fabulous on my wedding day! - Jennie
I sell these products in my salon and my clients love it! The kits are my number 1 seller! Personally, my favorite is the Neck & Decollete Kit. It makes me and my clients look years younger! - Sandra



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    We are headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Most of our products ship from our Central Florida Warehouse and some from our Miami location.



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